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FrandMe Connect is the perfect tool for communities, businesses, and municipalities to communicate immediately and efficiently. Messages are transmitted as push communications on the phone or any computer instrument so no message is lost or misplaced. Alerts, programs, announcements, or any message can be transmitted to a single individual, a specified group or the entire network at the click of a button. The program is secure and a closed environment is created for each group so only invited individuals may participate.

The best part is that this system is interactive with each message chain attached to a specific subject line, similar to an email. This enables the tracking of communications when necessary.

Special alerts in the form of “Code Red, Yellow or Blue” can also be added to this platform to make it an immediate, effective and user-friendly communication tool!


Individual or group communications can be easily sent from cell phones, tablets or computers. All messages come through as push communications so no message is lost and notifications are immediate!


  • Secure network ensures privacy
  • Messages can be sent in mass to entire network, specific groups or individuals
  • Platform works on any instrument, phone, computer or tablet
  • All communications archived and stored for future reference if needed
  • Specific topic “subject” capacity for each discussion for easy search ability
  • Private discussions can be created
  • Acts as a web browser for attachments
  • No message is lost with push communication
  • One-touch fast and easy response capability
  • User friendly and customizable
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